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Catching Leprechauns

Project description

Catching leprechauns started with a family tradition where children devise traps to catch a Leprechaun on the night before St. Patrick’s day. Sophie Fix is well versed in the fun of Catching Leprechauns. After spending many years playing it with her kids, she’s written and illustrated Catching Leprechauns: A St. Patrick’s Day Tradition so that other families can continue to the fun tradition.

My kids have been trying to catch that elusive leprechaun for years. They build fantastic colorful contraptions that please me to my core. I love the excitement of the planning and the intricacy of the build. And I love their steadfast belief that they might wake up to a wee little fellow and a golden ransom. I don’t even know where this tradition came from. Maybe the cousins? All I know is that we love the hunt and the spoils (usually green candies and trinkets). And after Christmas and Valentine’s Day, there’s a lull that only catching leprechauns can fill.  – Sophie Fix, co-founder