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Toddler Flashcard App

Project description

This mobile app provides flashcards that parents and children can use to develop language and counting skills. The concept for the app originated from Suzie’s desire to help her son learn letters and words and begin to count.

I found that when I got home from work I then had to figure out what we were going to do for dinner, which often led to going out to eat. In that setting, I wanted to interact with my son and to have an educational experience, but struggled with how–beyond packing a bunch of books and toys. In addition, I worried that my son should have better language skills at two. So, I created some images and put them on my phone. It started basic with letters and numbers and then grew to icons representing simple words. I saw an immediate difference with my son. At two and a half, my son knew how to count to twenty, all of the letters of the alphabet, and many words.  – Suzie Johannes, co-founder

This mobile app is currently in development.